Holy Speccing for Dummies

Three months away from World of Warcraft, and four months away from raiding. I feel out of touch! Since I came back to the game I’ve been leveling up on a different server with a friend, and it’s been a blast. But there is a disconcerting trend I’ve seen while leveling. It would appear that when many young paladins choose a holy spec, they actually just close their eyes and click on the screen frantically. Well never fear, Hammardin is here, so let’s talk about viable PVE holy specs!

I’m ready to heal!

This build is about mana regen and supporting your party/raid. Holy Power and Conviction are there to help out your crit value and regen. Pick up Aura Mastery to grant immunity from Silence or double the armor value from Devotion Aura. Enlightened Judgements and Heart of the Crusader will make it easy as pie to increase the crit chance of your whole raid. I’ve picked Improved Blessing of Wisdom and Blessing of Might to provide more raid support. It should be noted that I only put 3/5 in Judgements of the Pure. I personally think that 2% more crit is more valuable than 10% haste, especially at a lower gear level. Feel free to play around with the two, you might find that you’d rather have the haste instead of the crit value.

So you really want to level as holy?

It’s not a decision that I can personally fathom, but if you’re deadset on leveling as a shockadin this is probably your best route. This build provides healing and damage talents, but I’ve leaned it towards dealing holy damage. You don’t want to take all day killing that Hellboar, right? Take Purifying Power and Sanctity of Battle to increase your damage from Exorcism. Improved Judgements and Enlightened Judgements will help keep you from standing there auto attacking. Most of the talents in this build will boost your holy and melee crit, so you’ll get bigger holy shocks!

If I didn’t click it, don’t let me catch you doing it!
Not true of everything I didn’t choose, but I’ve seen quite a few people running around with bizarre talent trees. So if you’re not sure how to spec, take it as a rule of thumb. Think about what use the talent will really have before you take it. Is it for PVE or is it for PVP? How often do you need to break fear while leveling? Probably just having Divine Shield will do the trick without taking the talents. 99% of the time, you want to max out a talent. Trust me, it’s not worth it to have 4/5 in Divine Intellect and 1/3 in Improved Concentration Aura. And if you’re really still confused, it’s ok to /who 80 paladin and just ask someone. If you happen to whisper me, I promise I’ll be nice!

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